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A Historic Decision

In 1978, Georgetown made a bold decision: to meet the financial need of every single student who merits admission but cannot afford to pay tuition.

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A Historic Decision

Attracting World-Class Students

Georgetown's meet-full-need policy joined an existing policy of need-blind admissions—the university's commitment to making admissions decisions solely on a candidate's merits without consideration for financial circumstances.

President John J. DeGioia has called these two practices "the most significant policy decisions made in the modern history of Georgetown," opening the doors for an increasingly selective student body. By expanding funding for undergraduate financial aid, the 1789 Scholarship Imperative will make it possible for Georgetown to sustain its momentum in bringing the best students to campus.

The impact of this Decision

Since Georgetown has committed to meeting students' full financial need, our undergraduate selectivity has risen dramatically year after year and currently ranks 12th in the nation.

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